Quick Answer: How Much Damage Does It Take To Kill In Apex?

Why am I dying so fast in Apex legends?

It means you’ve done 60 damage and it’s adding up as you are hitting them.

Go change the settings and it will act more like a regular game where you see the actual damage each shot does.

maybe it’s connection issues.

Maybe You are going up against great coordinated teams too..

What is the best guns in Apex?

Volt — Energy Submachine Gun. The Season 6 submachine gun has stormed into the Apex Legends meta at breakneck speed and isn’t slowing down. … Mastiff — Shotgun. … Wingman — Heavy Pistol. … Eva-8 Auto — Shotgun. … VK-47 Flatline — Heavy Assault Rifle. … Havoc — Energy Rifle. … G7 Scout — Light Assault Rifle. … Alternator — Light SMG.More items…•

How much damage does it take to kill in Apex legends?

200 damageUsually 200 damage to knock down someone. 100 base health, white armor adds 50, blue adds 75, purple adds another 100. On top of that, if you down someone but he’s revived, you don’t get the kills. The game show you how many damage you put into the guy.

How much damage can you take in Apex?

Each character in Apex Legends can have a maximum Shield level up to 100 hit points. Broken up into segments of 25 hit points each, players can restore their shields health points by recharging the lost damage with a Shield Battery for 25 points.

Who has the most damage in Apex legends?

apex Damage LeaderboardRankPlayerDamage1LG_shivFPS30,209,4712imshleepdawg29,365,1083FEUTTV_FIVER5gg27,590,0974tollis24,515,13996 more rows

What is the highest kill in Apex?

apex Kills LeaderboardRankPlayerKills1twitch_apryze136,0572imshleepdawg133,3173TermK47131,6974Abusing_r2130,84196 more rows