Question: What Does It Mean To Flat Line?

What does a flat line EEG mean?

electroencephalogramThe EEG — or electroencephalogram — measures the brain activity of the patient.

Medical professionals have long accepted that a flat line EEG indicates an irreversible coma, one of the most serious types of comas.

Furthermore, a flat line EEG is often an indication that the brain is no longer alive..

When did flatline die the rapper?

It was the top story on Action Ten News when it happened. On or about February 19th 2015, local rapper, avid fisherman, dad, husband, and son, Jose ‘Flatline’ Mendoza was shot and killed while fishing at the Cos-Way Pier. He was 37.

What is a flat line in fishing?

Definition of flatline Referring to trolling; to fish a lure or bait behind a boat without adding any weight or directional device to the lure or line. … When trolling a number of lines, anglers may fish some lines directionally to the sides of the boat, and some will be flat lined right behind the boat.

Is flatline dead?

Texas rapper Flatline was shot and killed on Friday (Feb. 20) in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was 37 years old.

Where is flatline buried?

Memory Gardens Cemetery Corpus Christi(1977-2015) – Find A Grave Memorial….Jose Jesus “Flatline” Mendoza Jr.Birth27 Mar 1977BurialMemory Gardens Cemetery Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas, USAMemorial ID170775238 · View Source1 more row

What is the use of flat?

Flat is used after a letter representing a musical note to show that the note should be played or sung half a tone lower than the note which otherwise matches that letter. Flat is often represented by the symbol ♭ after the letter.

What is another word for flat?

What is another word for flat?proneprostratelying flatstretched outleaningresupineface downflat on one’s backon one’s stomachflat on your back18 more rows

Why is it called a flat?

Originally Answered: Is an apartment a flat? The older houses in San Francisco that have two homes, each with it’s own front entrance, one upstairs, one downstairs. Those were called flats.

What does flat mean when describing a person?

spoken in a voice that does not go up and down. This word is often used for describing the speech of people from a particular region. Synonyms and related words. + Words used to describe someone’s voice.

How long do doctors try to resuscitate?

For patients achieving return of spontaneous circulation, the median duration of resuscitation was 12 minutes compared with 20 minutes for non-survivors.

What is normal sinus rhythm?

When everything is working smoothly, you have a normal sinus rhythm and your heart beats between 60 and 100 times per minute.

Who killed flatline?

Nearly two years after the killing of up and coming local rapper Jose Mendoza, better known as his performer name Flatline, the suspected gunman was arraigned. Jesse Wayne Taylor pleaded not guilty to a murder charge Friday in 148th District Judge Guy Williams’ court.

What does it mean to flatline?

intransitive verb. 1a : to register on an electronic monitor as having no brain waves or heartbeat. b : die. 2a : to be in a state of no progress or advancement.

What is a flat line called?

Asystole is sometimes referred to as a “flat line”, which may be encountered during cardiac arrest with VF or VT, before returning to spontaneous circulation.[3] Confirmation that a “flat line” is truly asystole is an important step in the ACLS protocol.

What will a flat line on an ECG monitor on a patient who is alert suggest to you?

Asystole is defined as a cardiac arrest rhythm in which there is no discernible electrical activity on the ECG monitor. Consequently, it is sometimes referred to as a “flat line.” Confirmation that a “flat line” is truly asystole is an important step in the ACLS protocol. … low signal gain on the ECG monitor.