Question: Is Journey A Good Game?

How long of a game is Journey?

about 90 minutesIt helps that Journey doesn’t overstretch itself; it’s about 90 minutes long, which is enough time to get you absorbed in its premise but not enough time for you to start questioning the substance behind its beauty.

A lack of nuanced gameplay mechanics is hardly a problem for a game of this length..

Is Journey a good game Reddit?

Just finished Journey for the first time, but it was a lonely experience. This game was amazing. The whole thing felt like a religious experience and is definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played.

How many endings does journey have?

2 endingsok so there is 2 endings to the journey…

Can you play journey alone?

@_Lotus: It is a fine game to play solo, you will still enjoy Journey. It’s okay to do whatever you like. However, I’ll say that a huge part of the experience of playing through this game, for me, was having a partner. … Played it both ways, each is a different experience.

Can I play journey with a friend?

You can go to “Friends” in the XMB menu of your PS3 when the Journey is over, and then go to “Players Met”, the very one on the top should be the one you played last with.

How do you sit in a journey?

In order to meditate in Journey on the PS4, you have to hit the Options button on the controller and on PS3 you can use the Select button. The character will crouch and sit down on the ground in a trance-like state.

What is the point of the game journey?

The point? Superficially, to reach the top of the mountain in the distance. More in depth: To play a game where everyone is truly anonymous throughout your experience and go through trials and puzzles together with limited options for communication.

Journey is more about the experience than the gameplay. Its an extremely beautiful world with fantastic music and art design. You are with another person for the entire game and you have no idea if its AI or a real person until the very end.

Can you die in journey ps4?

You only die once in this game. … You die anywhere from 0 to 2 times each playthrough, depending on how you read into events. But nothing can actually “kill” you during gameplay.

Do you die at the end of journey?

You can never reach your goal. You will die again and again to do so, just to please them. … Thereafter your death would nourish the land until the time for another person’s journey.

Is Journey different every time?

The game is an amazing experience, and it is different every time, because of the different people you play with, also it’s fun trying to find all of the games secrets, and if you do then you get a white cloak instead of red with a special ability!