Question: Can A Virus Cause A Stiff Neck?

How long can Meningitis lay dormant?

As we’ve been reporting, the Centers for Disease Control now say the number of people exposed to a rare type of meningitis has jumped to 14,000.

Nationwide, 170 people are sick; 14 have died.

The CDC also says symptoms may actually be dormant for months, not weeks.

That announcement has left many to wait and worry..

Can you have meningitis without knowing?

The infection may clear up on its own. Meningitis can be mistaken for the flu, dehydration, or gastroenteritis. It can also be overlooked because symptoms may be mild or not always apparent.

Can you have meningitis for years?

Bacterial meningitis may be subacute rather than acute. Chronic meningitis develops slowly, over weeks or longer, and may last for months to years. Rarely, chronic meningitis causes only mild symptoms and resolves on its own.

How long does Meningitis last without treatment?

In most cases, there is no specific treatment for viral meningitis. Most people who get mild viral meningitis usually recover completely in 7 to 10 days without treatment. Antiviral medicine may help people with meningitis caused by viruses such as herpesvirus and influenza.